Update Changelog 2018-May-16

Today’s game update comes with the usual information on new aspects, improvements and fixes but we also promised you that you could have private ships soon. Now that time has come: new Captains, time to board your ships!

A bit later today, we will publish a special blog episode that explains the major new feature of private ships, its current state, and what will be added soon. But the most important aspect for now: visit the Shipyards on Daedalus, København, or Yards of Gadani if you want to acquire your first ship.

New Feature: Private Ships

Private Shuttles & Razorbacks are now available for you at the Shipyards. Feature details will be introduced in more detail in today’s blog post (will be published ~6pm CEST = 18:00, Paris time).

3D Artwork of the Shipyard

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “All that Glitters” (repetition) – A dialogue duplication about “letting her go” has been sorted.
  • “Beam Me Up” (path) – Fixed an ending so you can talk to Thea, as intended.
  • “On the Outside” (stuck) – Justina now tells you where you have to go next.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Area Shipyard on Københaven – Removed an “u” to correct the word “pore”.
  • Areas Clonevat, Government Center and Shipping Bay on Bordeaux – Streamlined faction name into “Gaule”.
  • Mission “A System Shock” – Corrected a mission goal: now the correct location of NPC Bao is mentioned.
  • Mission “Cloned but not Forgotten” – A text confusion sorted when talking to Nil.
  • Mission “Dark Star, Bright” – The wording of a dialogue option has been improved.
  • Mission “The Last Night in Paris” – A tiny, but shiny grammar fix.
  • Mission “From the Ashes” – A mission character added (eagle eye report, thanks!).
  • Mission “Ships in the Night” – Cap’t a “T” after full stop.
  • Mission “Smoke and Mirrors” – Changed the word “baggy” to “baggie” as intended.
  • NPC Assassin on Bordeaux is now Alissa and has a longer description.
  • NPCs Mélanie and Agent Lautrec are now the correct genotype.
  • NPC Petőfi name glitch corrected at Daedalus Bank.
  • Side Job “Brig Custodian” on Bordeaux – Changed a fail message away from action to narration.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Bug reports (accessibility) – Reporting bugs is now a11y-friendly (helpful for screen readers; thanks for your report!).
  • Career Tasks (start) – Every career task will now indicate how “difficult” it is to new citizens (level 1 & 2) to help understanding why you succeed or fail.
  • Confinements (citizens) – Brigs and Sickbays now show confined citizens by default rather than requiring an extra click.
  • CORETECH Archive (ships) – The ship pages have an improved layout and offer more data about the ships, such as mass and acceleration.
  • GCT (time) – GCT now uses server supplied time.
  • Level-Up (popups) – Leveling up more reliably shows the popup with the reward summary.
  • Level-Up (stats) – Stats now also refresh when you level up at mission end.
  • Market (names) – Vendor NPC shops now say “NPC’s Shop” (whatever their name is) to make it clear that the NPC is not necessarily there.
  • Notifications (Chrome mobile) – No longer displays an option to enable unsupported notifications on Chrome mobile browser.
  • Notifications (off) – Fixed a bug where desktop notifications could switch themselves off.