Update Changelog 2018-Jul-11

The latest game update improves several aspects of combat, such as taking measures against bashing, a fight ends now with stats hitting zero without the need of an additional round, and more. From now on your local reputation has an impact on prices: the higher your reputation, the more you will benefit from it. A brand new mission is available on Yards of Gadani and 9 item artworks have been added. Captains who own private ships will benefits from lower damage, and some important fixes. Still, Syndicates are coming closer…

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The Freebooters

Oh, better far to live and die
Under the brave black flag I fly,
Than play a sanctimonious part,
With a pirate head and a pirate heart.

~ Ancient Terran Freebooter manifesto

Since the Catastrophe, the Consortium and the Gaule Protectorate have each been doing what they can to bring stations, left out in the cold by the destructive forces unleashed during those dark days, back into the fold. There are, however, those who show zero desire to be brought back, embracing instead the wild and unpredictable nature of life on the fringes of known space. Allow us to introduce the Freebooters.

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Update Changelog 2018-Jul-04

The first parts of syndicates are coming closer; the team continued its work on the next major feature release. This week, several useful changes made it to the game. First of all, 5 special items have been added, carrying the names of the recent Community Spotlight winners. The efficiency of stim packs has been improved, new icon tool-tips are in place, in combat, your choice of weapon will now remain until you select another item, and more. Read on to see all details about this week’s game update.

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Status Report: June 2018

In June, several new features have been rolled out. New PvE campaigns are available in some station’s Ruins, new multi-stims boost more than one stat, you can re-explore missions and in case of death, your gear is now saved and can be picked up at the Gov’t Center of the station you died on. Eight new University courses for combat have been unlocked, credits from career tasks go to straight your bank account now, ship captain’s have reduced maintenance times and you can trade or gift VIP packs again! Read on to see more details and learn about the development plans for July.

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Update Changelog 2018-Jun-27

New consumable items have been added to the game, boosting more than one stat. The cool down time for sewer campaigns has been reduced, and some re-balancing has been done. The filter for VIP items is back at the Public Market as you can trade VIP packs again since last week’s update. 13 new item pictures enrich the game; we added the links and tier information to this changelog for you (and there are more to come soon!)

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Our Git workflow

We use Git as a version control system in our development process and GitHub to host repository. Our workflow is similar to git-flow, but with some simplifications since our product doesn’t use versioning – the only actual version of our game is production. Well, it’s not completely accurate as there are also snapshots of the game on our internal servers, but production is the only version which is accepted for bug reports.

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Update Changelog 2018-Jun-20

Today’s update introduces new features, and it also brings many improvements. You can now enter the sewers to start special campaigns in the Ruins, various new combat courses are available now at some Universities, and 14 new item pictures have been added. Nearly all VIP packs can be traded again, the price for re-exploring missions has been cut down to 9 bonds, no matter which level a mission has. The time to maintain private ships has been reduced for all of our Captains. Read on to see all details of today’s new version.

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Galactic Destinations: Spirit of Botswana

Life in space is harsh and unforgiving. The recycling systems for space stations, now many hundreds of cycles old, were never 100% efficient. There is always some small bit of loss, of things essential for sustaining human life. Foremost of these is water. Read on to learn more about how one station serves the star systems as the provider of this most crucial of resources.

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Space Travel Report: My Internship at Tau Station

Hello, citizens. MrVoidKnight here. My 6 month internship at Tau Station is nearly over. I will say farewell soon and won’t simply disappear silently. To begin this process, in this blog post I’ll be sharing with you some insight about me, the work I did during the internship, and how it was a great professional and personal experience. I hope you will enjoy!

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