Update Changelog 2018-Jun-20

Today’s update introduces new features, and it also brings many improvements. You can now enter the sewers to start special campaigns in the Ruins, various new combat courses are available now at some Universities, and 14 new item pictures have been added. Nearly all VIP packs can be traded again, the price for re-exploring missions has been cut down to 9 bonds, no matter which level a mission has. The time to maintain private ships has been reduced for all of our Captains. Read on to see all details of today’s new version.

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Galactic Destinations: Spirit of Botswana

Life in space is harsh and unforgiving. The recycling systems for space stations, now many hundreds of cycles old, were never 100% efficient. There is always some small bit of loss, of things essential for sustaining human life. Foremost of these is water. Read on to learn more about how one station serves the star systems as the provider of this most crucial of resources.

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Space Travel Report: My Internship at Tau Station

Hello, citizens. MrVoidKnight here. My 6 month internship at Tau Station is nearly over. I will say farewell soon and won’t simply disappear silently. To begin this process, in this blog post I’ll be sharing with you some insight about me, the work I did during the internship, and how it was a great professional and personal experience. I hope you will enjoy!

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Update Changelog 2018-Jun-06

This week’s game update integrated the new possibility to re-explore most missions that you already completed. Genetically bound items will ensure that you won’t lose your gear in case of death. Some UI improvements have been implemented for mobile, and we also added some confirmation boxes for level 1 citizens to help new players.

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Join the Epic Story! We reinforce our Narrative Team

Our indie game Tau Station is hiring! If you are a narrative designer with a passion for science fiction, interested in working with an international team, please read on and take your chance to join us! Our epic story is growing and we need some reinforcement to provide more systems, stations and high quality missions for our Community.
The application phase ends on 25th of June 2018.

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Status Report: May 2018

A new month has started, so it’s time to review what was achieved in May, such as the implementation of the first private ships.  As always, our monthly status report also provides a partial glimpse into the development road map. Read on to learn what May brought and what is planned for June, 2018.

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Update Changelog 2018-May-30

May ends with another weekly update. You can play a new mission on Bordeaux station, several improvements and fixes have been integrated. Among others, missing a shuttle won’t make you leave your hotel room anymore and a display bug in the inventory has been fixed for screen readers. The monthly status report will be published on Friday, sharing the plans for June! Read on to see all details of today’s content update.

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Community Spotlight: Fan Site TauHead

In April we introduced the new “Community Spotlight” series, which is dedicated to remarkable content coming from you, the community! We are happy to showcase outstanding contribution: firefu’s fan website, TauHead! The site contains a plethora of information, both for new citizens who are starting their adventure and for players who’ve been with us longer. TauHead has become a remarkable source of knowledge that has been frequently used by a growing number of visitors.

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